A Mother’s Day tribute to moms who buried their children due to police and gun violence


Yesterday was Mother’s Day, a period of festivity for some families over the U.S. It’s a period of social affair, and a period of satisfaction. Be that as it may, for others it is a period of agony or recognition, maybe in light of the fact that somebody’s mother has passed on.

There are likewise families where moms are sobbing on the grounds that their child has been ripped away, never again to sit at the family dinning table, never again to purchase a Mother’s Day card or give mother an embrace and a grin.

Take a couple of minutes as you praise your mother to think about the moms who sit at a table with a vacant seat.

Say a petition—on the off chance that you supplicate—or essentially stop for a snapshot of hush and sympathy.

At that point make a guarantee to join with brave moms and families who are sorting out and battling back to convey a stop to the savagery that has ripped their kids away—until the end of time.

Charmaine Edwards, presented above, is one of many moms who have lost a kid to the unconscionable activities of a cop. Her child’s name was Jordan. You can read more about him in “No smart title. He was some somebody’s child and he didn’t deserve to die.”

I am not a mother, and my mother died in 1998. I am staying here contemplating her today … as I do each day. Mother’s Day just aggravates it a bit.

I viewed my mother attempt to adapt to that unfilled seat at the table for a long time after we covered my more youthful sibling. He passed on not from police brutality, but rather from dysfunctional behavior and suicide. I can just envision what it must feel like for the moms who lose their kids to police activities or to firearm savagery.

We know about the names of youngsters who at no time in the future live in light of police savagery. I will always remember when shanikka posted “Hello America! Would you be able to please quit murdering our (normally) blameless Black male kids now?” in 2012.

That rundown has developed such a great amount of longer from that point forward.

Backpedaling in time, I consider three moms who talked up and started to push back after the murder of their children.


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