About Us

We the People Org (WTPO), a non-profit watchdog organization created to promote social justice in America, is making changes in the lives of many people, from helping disadvantaged children to bringing families back together that have been separated by this country’s mass incarceration epidemic. WTPO brings hope to the hopeless and gives a voice to the voiceless. As the organizers of The People’s Fair Sentencing and Public Safety Act of 2018, the company’s goal is to debilitate the Three Strikes Law, stop the waste of millions of dollars spent keeping non-violent, rehabilitated, low-risk people in prison for life, and to ensure that those funds saved from mass incarceration are put back into education and higher education (lowering college tuition), prison rehabilitation, and youth crime prevention programs. WTPO’s mission is to continue to shed light on social injustice and decades the state of California has needlessly wasted billions of taxpayer dollars by implementing irrational sentencing laws.