Meet Charlene Diggs: First Black Female Cop in a Town in West Virginia


Out of all the 53 officers in the Beckley Police Department in West Virginia, young Charlene Diggs is the only black woman

Diggs, 25, graduated from the State Police Officer training academy in 2016. She disclosed to The Register Herald that she generally needed to work within law enforcement in an interview published online Sunday.

At the point when Diggs embarked to seek after criminal justice administration in college in school, she unquestionably didn’t plan on making Beckley history.

Be that as it may, as she as of late told the publication, she doesn’t see her rolet as the town’s first dark female cop as anything to write home about.

“I personally don’t feel like it’s a big deal,” Diggs said.

“For Beckley to be so integrated and … for there to be no other black female, ever, on the police department, I guess it is a big deal, in some aspects,” she continued. “To me, it’s not a big deal.”

Black people make up 21% of Beckley’s populace of 17,000, a number which isn’t reflected in the town’s police office. Just 9% of Beckley’s Police Department is dark while the national normal in 2013 was 16% for full-time cops.

When there’s a developing doubt between minority Americans and law requirement, Diggs said she needs to help that dynamic in her new part.

“As a minority, you can’t help change the system if you don’t get involved in the system,” Diggs told the publication last April. “That was a big aspect to me, if I want to change something, I’ve got to do something about it.”


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