Obama returns home and studiously avoided talks of president Trump


Former President Barack Obama studiously stayed away from any say of President Trump or the attack all alone legacy as he came back to his receptive home on Monday for his first open occasion since going out.

What may have been a minute for Mr. Obama to test Mr. Trump’s wiretapping allegations, or to pounce upon the Republican motivation, rather turned into a school class on the best way to draw in with another era of youngsters — and urge them to take an interest in political life.

“The single most important thing I can do,” the former president told an audience of students, is to “help in any way I can prepare the next generation of leadership to take up the baton and to take their own crack at changing the world.”

Staying away from Mr. Trump was no mischance.

Mr. Obama has chosen — for the present, at any rate — to avoid any feedback of his successor, to a limited extent out of appreciation that previous President George W. Shrub adopted that same strategy. Be that as it may, Mr. Obama and his counselors additionally have reasoned that standing up to Mr. Trump now would be a political oversight.


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