Over 10 people dead after Russian Subway ‘Terror Attack’


No less than 10 individuals have been killed and 50 injured in a “fear assault” when a bomb was detonated on a train in St Petersburg.

Shocking pictures and videos emerged, as workers fled a tram carriage that was obliterated in an impact while going between the stations Sennaya Ploschad and Technologichesky Institute at 2:30pm local time.

A tremendous hole was blown open in the side of a carriage with metal destruction strewn over the platform.

Travelers were seen pounding at the windows of one carriage as the train ground to a halt. Russian TV said many had experienced cuts glass shards and metal.

News organization Interfax said the explosive device was an improvised bomb loaded with shrapnel carried on to the subway in a bag.

A St Petersburg resident, Leonid Chaika, who said he was at the station where the bomb exploded, said he saw masses of injured passengers flee covered in blood.

“I saw a lot of smoke, a crowd making its way to the escalators, people with blood and other people’s insides on their clothes, bloody faces. Many were crying,” he told Reuters by phone.

Rick Macy, a 52-year-old from the US who works in St Petersburg, described what he heard while travelling in a metro carriage three stops from the blast.

He told the BBC: “What a horrific thing. You could tell there was something happening, the dispatcher had a strained voice. When I heard that, I got off the train and came off the metro. It was horrible.

“Out on the streets, where I can see from our apartment, [there are] lots of people trying to get home. We are right by the Petrogradskaya, close to the station where the bomb went off. I am grateful that we are safe. We are going to stay home tonight.”


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