Press Release 1/22/18


LOS ANGELES, Calif. January 22, 2018 –  We The People Org (WTPO), the organizers behind the People’s Fair Sentencing and Public Safety Act of 2018 and a non-profit watchdog organization created to promote social justice in America, received the official title and summary from the State of California’s Attorney General’s Office that allows the commencement of the signature gathering process to ensure that this important initiative makes it on the upcoming November 2018 election ballot. To read full release, see below.


  1. Hello,

    This new initiative is so essential to restore the lives of so many damaged by the barbaric Three Strikes statute.

    I am the coordinator of the Justice for Malcolm Hanson Campaign. He has served 20 years under Three Strikes.

    Mr. Hanson has been denied justice in the Ventura Court, the California Appeals Courts and the Federal District Court. Now,we await the decision from the Federal Court. We are not overly sanguine about our chances, but we will never cease our campaign until Mr. Hanson is back home with his mom and all his family.

    We are also waiting confirmation of assistance from Assemblymember Limon’s office in Ventura County.

    Mr. Hanson and I speak regularly. He is very enthusiastic about your bold initiative. He wants to spread the word about you folks where he is incarcerated in Repressa; he wants to donate what little compensation he earns to your campaign. Also, I am giving him your address for correspondence.

    Thank you so much for your remarkable work. You folks are so much appreciated by the Hanson family for your truly spiritual work in seeking justice for inmates like Mr. Hanson.


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