Protesters Arrested at Women’s Day Rally in NY


Thousands of people gathered on Fifth Avenue in the shadow of New York’s Trump Tower to demonstrate on International Women’s Day. Women dressed in red waved hand-made signs and raised their fists in solidarity.

“America has derailed, and there is nothing great about a derailment, women it is up to us to get America back on track and to that destination often talked about but never reached – the station named Liberty and Justice for All. Yes we can,” said activist Victoria Pannell.

At a protest outside Trump International Hotel on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, police say 13 people were arrested for blocking traffic. The protests Wednesday were part of a nationwide event called A Day Without a Woman.

Many of the participants had taken a day off from work to show the impact women have on the American economy.Sandra Collins, drove down from Massachusetts for the march and said she feels like a movement is being created.
“The right of every woman is under siege right now, and we need to active and take back the power that we have,” said Collins.


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