Tesla owner demands £900,000 compensation after Model X Falcon crash


A Tesla owner, who was trapped inside a burning Model X car after the Falcon Wing doors failed to open, is demanding the company pay her over £900,000 in compensation.

Lee Tada, the owner of the Model X, claims her chauffeur was driving along the motorway at around 45mph in Guangzhou, China, when the car hit a concrete siderail.

The car span around 180 degrees and collided head-first with a Ford Focus.

She and her boyfriend, who were sitting in the back of the Model X, attempted to open the car’s Falcon Wing doors, but she claims both were stuck.

The pair managed to exit through the front door just moments before the car burst into flames.

In an account of the incident posted on WeChat , Tada said she suffered a broken nose and a severe cut to her lower lip that needed a dozen stitches.

The chauffeur was hospitalised for more than 40 days, she said, with internal injuries and fractures.

However, she claims the psychological effects of the accident outweighed the physical effects.

“After the accident, and still today, I often have nightmares about being burned to death inside the Tesla Model X,” she said.

As a result, she is asking Tesla for 8 million Chinese yuan (around £900,000) in compensation, Electrek reports.

Tesla is refusing to pay, but is investigating the accident and collaborating with the local authorities.

In a statement translated from Chinese, Tesla said: “First of all, the lives of the owner and passengers were not threatened. We are working closely with the department concerned.

“The distribution of the debris at the site and the damage all indicate that this was a high-speed crash – in this case, not just electric cars, but any vehicle can catch on fire.

“In fact, another car involved in the accident (a fuel-powered vehicle) also caught on fire. Fuel tank fire incidents happen much more often than the electric car fires.

“In addition, Tesla has consistently insisted on the disclosure and transparency of information, including other information about the incident, such as the owner is asking us for 8 million yuan, and we will not accept.”



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