“Three Strikes” law could see amendment through ballot initiative


California’s “Three Strikes” sentencing law could soon see a serious overhaul, as backers of an initiative to amend it have received authorization to gather signatures necessary to put the initiative on the ballot, Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced Wednesday.

The amendment would remove the crimes of burglary and robbery that don’t actually result in significant bodily harm from the list of crimes classified as violent felonies, even if the defendant was armed. It would also require resentencing of inmates serving life sentences with possible parole if they would have received different sentences under this measure.

Life sentences would still be imposed for non-violent crimes if a prior offense was for rape, child molestation or murder.

Thomas R. Loversky and Victoria Johnson, President and Director respectively of We The People Org and authors of what’s been dubbed “The People’s Fair Sentencing & Public Safety Act of 2018,” wrote in a letter of intent last year that the goal of the reform is to save money on housing inmates sentenced to life. They also said that Proposition 57 did nothing to help nonviolent offenders.

“Failure to properly address the prison crisis has led to a decline in budgeting for education, public health care, social programs and other areas of concern,” the group’s letter said.

The initiative would apply the savings from reduced incarceration to schools, colleges, prison rehabilitation programs and youth crime prevention programs. According to the Legislative Analyst’s Office and the Department of Finance, that money could eventually exceed $100 million annually.

However, the analysis also found there would be increased county costs that could exceed $10 million annually, primarily due to increased county community supervision populations.

Backers of the Three Strikes initiative have until July 16 to collect valid signatures from 365,880 registered voters to qualify the measure for the November ballot.


  1. Hi my husband was convicted back in 1997 for robbery and carjacking. He was armed but never pulled the trigger he didn’t kill anybody he didn’t hurt anyone . He was young and made very poor choices . He got caught up in the three strikes and was sentenced 31 to life with possibility of parole. It is now February 2018 he hasn’t been in any trouble the whole time he’s been incarcerated. He has utilized his time going to school and learning different trades. I really hope that people sign this ballot so I can have my husband home and live a normal happy life. The money that has been spent on him can go towards schools Healthcare Ect

  2. Hi my husband is in prison for robbery which was a lie he actually stole from a Walmart which was shoplifting but was charged with robbery? Now he is doing 6 years with 85% I think if this goes thru my husband would be released and come home to us. He has mental health issues and health problems we would like to have him home now to get him the proper mental health help and proper medical care he needs. It is unfair how much time he was given do to the 3 strike law.

  3. My husband was convicted in 1993 and got 25 to life for a murder, then got a 3rd strike during a riot in prison for swing by on an officer that was beating him. His date as of now is 2032 after they’ve removed credits for prop 57.This is rediculous and cruel.

    • Your husband murdered someone. Perhaps it was in self defense however it seems like if it wasn’t your husband did in fact get a fair sentence. I don’t believe that this will have any bearing on your specific case.

  4. Robert Hardy E23562, ex husband. First 3 striker ever sentenced under this law. He’s been incarcerated for third strike burglary. His first 2 are also non violent property crimes. Can you imagine 24 years so far for burglary? I moved to SC some time ago, murderers get less time here.

  5. I live in Victorville ca where can I sign to have the New initiative for the three strikers put on the ballot for the 2018 elections?

  6. My husband was drunk one time and kicked open the wrong door.. yes that’s sound crazy but it’s the truth.. out doors look alike, he gots his second strike for burglary in the 1st degree 10 years! Would this help him? It’s sad a man hit and run and was drunk and killed a women here and he got 5 days Work release? Really

  7. My husband is looking at 80 to life over allegedly breaking my stalkers cell phone. Although my stalker antagonized him, he’s playing the victim. No other violence in this situation and yet what we’ve had to deal with this creep is absurd, yet they won’t do anything to him. The only victim is our baby. The psychological issues he faces outweighs any justice given to my husband. The judicial system fails a lot of people because the people aren’t informed of their rights. It’s crazy to think that they extort the people for convictions.

    Look up California Bail System and fight along side the attorneys in your mans case! Inform yourself of laws surrounding your case and don’t be afraid to ask the lawyer questions. Research appeal cases that relate to your husband’s specific case and communicate your findings and questions to his lawyer. Be persisitant!

  8. The whole system needs to be overhauled, My son is fighting his 3rd strike right now and he hasn’t been the best kid but he sure does not deserve his whole life taken away. If anyone has information on this three strike law being changed or info on where to look please let me know dkolopez@msn.com I would be very grateful for any information. Thanks

  9. Where can I sign for the
    California Changes to Three-Strikes Sentencing Law and Prison Savings Allocation Initiative (2018)

  10. Would this remove strikes from people’s record if the burglaries commited did not result in any violence or harm of the victim?

  11. Where can I sign for the
    California Changes to Three-Strikes Sentencing Law and Prison Savings Allocation Initiative (2018)

  12. My brother Curtis Joshua was sentenced to 30 years to life for robbery in which he didn’t have a weapon and actually only stole games from Hollywood video.


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