Trump denies telling Russians source of classified intelligence


President Trump on Monday claimed that he never revealed Israel was the source of highly classified intelligence about a dread plot when he addressed Russian representatives this month, as U.S. what’s more, Israeli authorities attempted to pack down the discussion that has persistent him in the U.S

“Just so you understand, I never mentioned the word or the name Israel. Never mentioned amid that discussion,” Trump said of his Oval Office meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Kisylak, the Russian diplomat to the U.S.

“They’re all saying I did, so you have another story wrong,” he told journalists. “Never said the word Israel.”

The Washington Post revealed a week ago that Trump uncovered subtle elements of an Islamic State danger identified with utilizing smart phones flying machine to the Russian ambassadors amid their May 10 meeting, held only one day subsequent to sacking FBI Director James Comey.

The Post report did not state that that Trump identified the source of the information specifically. However, officials whose identity were not disclosed said that by uncovering the city in the Islamic State’s region — where a U.S. accomplice had identified the risk — Russia could find mystery sources and techniques for intelligence gathering, and damage a critical source of intelligence on the terror group.

However Trump’s comments at a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likewise appeared to certainly affirm later reports that Israel was the accomplice nation that gave the knowledge.


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