Trump: North Korea ‘outplayed’ presidents Obama and Clinton


President Donald Trump said Monday that his ancestors have “all been outplayed” by North Korea throughout the years, an avocation for the near the-vest approach he has brought in managing the abusive socialist state.

Initially as an applicant and now as president, Trump has frequently communicated his inclination for keeping all choices, military and something else, on the table and distinctly declining to examine what arranges he may consider. He has adhered to that model in managing North Korea, which as of late has increase its saber-rattling by propelling rocket tests and taking part in what gave off an impression of being arrangements for a 6th trial of an atomic weapon.

“I hope things work out well. I hope there’s going to be peace, but they’ve been talking with this gentleman for a long time. You read Clinton’s book and he said ‘Oh, we made such a great peace deal’ and it was a joke,” Trump said in a Monday interview with Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” that aired Tuesday morning. “You look at different things over the years with President Obama. Everybody has been outplayed. They’ve all been outplayed by this gentleman.”

It was not immediately clear to whom Trump was referring when he said “this gentleman,” given that former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama dealt with different leaders in North Korea’s dynastic chain — the former with Kim Jong Il and the latter with Kim Jong Un. Both North Korean leaders have stuck to similar governing styles, favoring repressive and insular policies paired with bellicose rhetoric aimed most often at the U.S., Japan and South Korea.


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