Two U.S. Service Members Killed In Afghanistan during ISIS battle


Two U.S. service members were killed amid an operation against Islamic State militants in eastern Afghanistan overnight on Wednesday, U.S. authorities said on Thursday.

The incident occurred in the southern Nangarhar territory, Pentagon representative Captain Jeff Davis said.

U.S. forces in Afghanistan announced that a third U.S. service member was wounded in the raid, carried out with Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) against the militants.

The occurrence comes days after U.S. Barrier Secretary Jim Mattis went to Afghanistan as President Donald Trump’s administration hopes to create a strategy in the war-torn nation.

U.S. troops are doing combating suspected Islamic State militants in Nangarhar province, close to the border with Pakistan, where not long ago, the United States dropped a monstrous bomb known as “the mother of all bombs.”

Another U.S. warrior was executed before in April while completing operations against Islamic State in Afghanistan.

The Islamic State’s offshoot in Afghanistan, known as the Sunni jihadist group’s so-called Khorasan Province, is suspected of carrying out several attacks on minority Shi’ite Muslim targets.

U.S. officials say intelligence suggests Islamic State is based overwhelmingly in Nangarhar and neighboring Kunar province.


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